China intensifies fight against illegal gambling


People that encourages Chinese tourists to gamble in other countries will be severely punished.

The Security Minister of China asked for international cooperation in his fight against illegal gambling.

China.- Chinese Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun has asked international help to fight illegal gambling, and claimed that people that encourages Chinese tourists to gamble in other countries would be severely punished by the government.

As reported by Online Casino from Australia, the request comes after a failed extradition treaty between the country and Australia over 14 Crown Resorts employees detained last year over the claims that they were committing gambling crimes. Almost half a year after China arrested the employees, they remain held against their will without charges. Guo confirmed that any foreign operator who brings its services to mainland China with the intention to attract local citizens will be “severely punished.”

Crown company’s expectation was to set the trial by mid-2017, when the arrested employees would know the charges they are facing. The latest news did not reveal whether the three Australian staff members would be kept in the Chinese jail or would continue the sentence back in their country.

“We must seriously investigate and severely punish those companies and individuals involved in enticing and organizing Chinese tourists to gamble in overseas casinos. We must severely punish those casino-related illegal labor agents and crack down on activities for investing in overseas casinos,” he added. Furthermore, during a meeting with the most important police officers, the official asked them to create plans to strengthen China’s will against cross-border gambling.