Chicalim locals oppose casinos shifting to Zuari

The Chicalim Action Committee (CAC) held a public meeting on Sunday, July 17, opposing the BJP government’s proposal to shift casinos to Zuari waters.

India.-  The CAC stated that under no circumstances they would allow offshore casinos at Chicalim bay, adding that their protest would continue if the government makes any move to do so.

Despite the fact that on Sunday people opposed casinos at Chicalim, chief minister Laxmikant Parkesar, who was at New Vaddem distributing LED bulbs, said that there is no such move to shift casinos to River Zuari.

CAC secretary Rui Araujo said, “The government has to respect our feelings and if it thinks of shifting casinos here, they will have to face us.”

Deputy sarpanch of Chicalim Francisco Nunes alias Shikit commented, “Just because some people are facing problems in Panaji, they can’t dump the casinos on us and keep making money at the cost of our well-being.”

Bailancho Ekvott president Auda Veigas said that they support villagers, not only at Chicalim bay, but also in Goa.

BJP vice-president and commissioner for NRI affairs Wilfred Mesquita said “The Union government has been screaming on the top of its voice saying they want to detect black money. There is a place (casinos) where black money is being spent.”

Goa Bachao Abhiyan president Sabina Martins said that casinos call for women exploitation and they only produce addictions like prostitution, alcoholism, gambling, etc. He also expressed that politicians think about the party’s welfare more than their voters’.

Fr Michael Fernandes of the Aam Aadmi Party said, “It is an evil and getting it here means inviting trouble. Such pollution and corruption is not needed. Let the government tackle their problems but not think of dumping casinos here.”