CEEGC2017 announces new speakers

Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference Budapest adds unique presentations.
Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference Budapest adds unique presentations.

A German market update with Dr. Joerg Hofmann and an Austrian market update with Helmut Kafka were announced for CEEGC2017.

Hungary.- With one of the most successful boutique C-level gaming conference, CEEGC2017, coming up this September, it comes as no surprise that its organisers EEGEvents have included discussions about the gambling industry in Germany and Austria. The Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference Budapest will start on September 19.

The focus on the two countries have been in the eyes of most operators who are somehow active in these German speaking countries and would like to have a legal presence.

As the German online gambling market has the potential of turning into a highly profitable one, if regulated properly, the country has been in a legislative limbo in regard to its online gambling and betting regulations for almost five years and following the latest regulatory developments. The key question is that, is this state of oblivion and uncertainty likely to continue in the upcoming years? Especially when the elections are just around the corner in Germany and it is high likely that we might see some changes if a new Chancellor is seated in the Parliament.

It was this year, the heads of Germany’s 16 states approved a new Interstate Treaty on Gambling, one that was introduced as a refined version of a 2012 gambling law. Each individual state will now have to pass the legislative piece in order for it to come into effect on January 1, 2018.

Although German lawmakers have clearly worked on amending the Treaty, the amendments introduced were not very welcomed by the European Commission, the EU regulatory body that, among many other things, monitors the process of gambling market regulation in member states. Such is the case in Austria, where major updates are finally expected to materialise in 2018.

The organisers have decided to invite top names of the industry and both of the keynote speakers are set to join the Central European panel at the second edition of the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference. The “Where is the Central European gambling industry heading?” panel is scheduled to be held between 14:00 – 15:00 on September 19 (Day 1) during the second edition of the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference Budapest.

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