Massachusetts insists on online lottery sales

The state treasurer continues with her attempts to allow the state lottery to sell tickets online.

missouri sports betting

Missouri moves closer to sports betting

A Missourian lawmaker has pre-filed a sports betting bill in order to legalise and regulate the segment in the state.

uk racing levy

Racing levy reform gets delayed in the UK

Levy reforms were delayed past April in the UK last Friday and the Levy Board will receive another stay of execution.

sports betting gambling uk

UK mandatory levy on operators, still possible

The UK Sports Minister said a mandatory levy to fund problem gambling services hasn’t been ruled out yet should the voluntary donations system fail.

Greece sets new licensing terms for casinos

The parliament discussed an amendment that would change the terms and conditions for the operation of casinos.

sports betting us

US may set federal oversight over sports betting

The US Congress will consider a draft legislation that would set federal oversight to sports betting as it expands in the country.

armenia gambling taxation

Armenia to change gambling taxation regime

The Ministry of Finance may soon change how the gambling segment is regulated in order to get taxes directly from revenue.

Slovakia approves new online gambling rules

The parliament approved plans to strike down the online monopoly and open the market.

autralia online betting framework

Australia enforces new protection framework

The National Consumer Protection Framework has been enforced in Australia to ensure protection for online wagering consumers.

Cayman Islands to discuss gambling law

Despite government plans to increase penalties for engaging in illegal gambling, the bill has been stalled.

Michigan legalises fantasy sports

The state House voted in favour of the legalisation of daily fantasy sports contests in Michigan.

brazil lottery lotex

Brazillian lottery privatisation, delayed

The bidding process for Brazil’s instant lottery Lotex has been delayed until February after the presidential election.