BtoBet’s report highlights Polish igaming industry’s potential

BtoBet's report takes into account data collected in a survey around gambling habits.
BtoBet's report takes into account data collected in a survey around gambling habits.

A report by BtoBet provides key insights, data and information for the Polish market.

Poland has the potential to become one of the most relevant gaming markets on the European front. That’s what BtoBet’s latest Industry Report states, as it makes an in-depth analysis of what characterised its growth in the past few years.

The report “Poland Betting Focus” provides detailed insights on; betting psychographics, market characteristics, the exponential growth of esports in Poland, legislative overview, and a detailed breakdown of internet, smartphone and social media factors with year-on-year increase indications.

The report also makes an in-depth analysis of how operators can increase their market share by adapting their betting experience to the unique traits of the Polish market, taking into consideration the great following of esports, and how social media platforms could be holistically integrated to ameliorate the UX.

BtoBet indicates that there is a high level of mobile, internet and mobile internet use and these activities are increasing each year. This shows that much of the population has the means to place online bets.

On the other hand, the survey has found that over the 12-mont period prior to the survey, only 4.1 per cent of Poles made an online bet, a small amount compared with the 37.1 per cent who engaged in offline gambling in the same period.

The report suggests that the popularity of gambling reflects the cultural specificity or legal-regulations of a given country concerning the availability of games. Since Poles enjoy esports or online virtual sports betting, there is lots of space for growth in this market.

BtoBet also found that interlinking sports betting mediums to social media platforms is crucial and it is doing exactly that through its Bet Finder. Bet Finder allows players to find any bets they want, follow the team of their linking, and place bets through a single interface, vastly reducing the search time.

The “Poland Betting Report” is available for free and can be accessed on

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