BtoBet launches ICE’s review

BtoBet will introduce the first casino-games and sports betting recommendation engine.
BtoBet will introduce the first casino-games and sports betting recommendation engine.

BtoBet will participate at ICE Totally Gaming 2017 from February 7-9 at booth S1 320.

UK.- BtoBet will be part of this year’s ICE Totally Gaming at ExCel Centre, London, as one of the most innovative brands of the gaming industry. The company has prepared the presentation of the first casino-games and sports betting recommendation engine.

Recommendation engines (RE) are one of the trendiest uses of data science platforms and BtoBet is the first company in the gaming industry providing this technology for both Casino-Games and Sports betting sector.

Nowadays, there are few sportsbook operators that developed Sports betting RE for their own company use, and even fewer software providers are offering only casino’s B2B RE. BtoBet’s combination of both Casino-Games and Sports betting recommendation engine, provides a unique experience to the players.

Alessandro Fried, Btobet’s CEO highlighted: “We managed to reach the highest engineering levels. The automated engine avoids manual intervention and is extremely accurate. BtoBet’s intelligent algorithm tracks players’ behaviour and uses collaborative filtering to provide the perfect suggestions, for the most appreciated games, for each player or segment of players.”

BtoBet’s B Neuron System is a hybrid recommendation engine which can provide more accurate recommendations than traditional approaches. In the Casino RE, all the games are recommended according to similarity, comparing the attributes – such as theme, volatility, category – of the games and player’s preferences. The Sports betting RE is available for online and mobile betting, can control and suggest bets or events, including virtual, live and eSports. It acquires and analyses the bettors’ behaviour following Sport, Category, Tournament, Competitors, Market Types preferences. Moreover, BtoBet’s RE is regularly re-trained in an extremely short time frame, with any new data and player’s behaviour, fully updating the system and every single player’s profile precisely.

Fried concluded: “In the countries where we are expanding, the RE can transform the betting shops’ consumer involvement in a totally enjoyable betting experience, combining the geo-proximity with the behavioural preferences and pushing players to point their ideal odds in the nearest land-shop. I firmly believe that any product and solution giving players and bettors the best gaming experience and using social proof to engage visitors will certainly succeed.”