Bogdana Yavorskaya, Atlaslive: “Attending iGB L!VE events is always enjoyable, and our expectations for this year are high”

Bogdana Yavorskaya, CMO of Atlaslive.
Bogdana Yavorskaya, CMO of Atlaslive.

Bogdana Yavorskaya, CMO of Atlaslive, discusses the company’s high expectations for the iGB L!VE event and highlights the innovative features of the Atlaslive platform.

Exclusive interview.- In today’s interview, Bogdana Yavorskaya, CMO of Atlaslive, provides details about what the company anticipates from the iGB L!VE event, talking about the advanced features and unique benefits of the Atlaslive platform.

Atlaslive, the dynamic iGaming platform, is recognized as one of the Best Sports Betting Providers with its automated, customizable, and high-speed Platform. The company is driven by robust technical expertise and awareness of the fast-changing iGaming market.

Visitors can explore Atlaslive’s offerings at Stand 12-B22 in Hall 12, where they’ll have the opportunity to engage directly with the company’s representatives about potential collaborations. 

Next July, Atlaslive will exhibit at iGB L!VE. What expectations do you have about the event?

iGB L!VE is the home of the igaming community, as they say, so for Atlaslive, it is a place of opportunities and enriching experiences. Attending iGB L!VE events is always enjoyable, and our expectations for this year are high.

Each visit has proven to be invaluable, giving us great insights, networking opportunities, and industry updates. So, we anticipate that this exciting event will bring us more new connections with prospective partners who want and are ready to upgrade and boost their igaming offerings with our technical solutions.

What will attendees find at the Atlaslive booth? Will there be any innovation or unveiling that you can tell us about?

First of all, we will share our achievements over the past year, the real capabilities of our Atlaslive Platform, and how it can transform the strategy of igaming businesses towards growth.

In our industry, it is very important to remain adaptive while being tech-savvy, qualities that I believe shape market leadership. Visit our stand to talk about our Sportsbook, our unique customizable features, effective tools, and the platform’s components in more detail.

You can find us at Stand 12-B22 in Hall 12. Regarding our visual presentation, attendees will notice our new brand of Atlaslive, which is impossible to miss: fresh shades of blue that for us symbolize innovation, our dynamic platform, and security. 

“In our industry, it is very important to remain adaptive while being tech-savvy.”

Bogdana Yavorskaya, CMO of Atlaslive.

The company has recently rebranded,  what was the purpose of these changes, and why did you decide to make this rebranding now? How do these changes fit into the company’s strategy?

Our rebranding from Atlas-IAC to Atlaslive reflects our commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of the igaming industry. It was our well-planned strategy, which naturally emerged from our experience.

The main objectives of our rebranding campaign were to communicate our company’s evolution, rapid growth, and ongoing technological advancements to our partners and stakeholders. Atlaslive is one of the leaders in the igaming industry, and we aim to differentiate ourselves in a competitive marketplace.

These changes display our ability to adapt quickly just like life goes. We updated our brand now because the gaming world is always moving fast, and we need to stand out with our technology and also with our brand.

The fresh blue colours with black and white and the new design are more than just a new coat of paint. They illustrate our pursuit of innovation, making sure we’re a dynamic and secure choice in the igaming market. Rebranding aligns with our business strategy to be ahead of the game, and always ready to meet the industry’s needs. It’s about making our platform even more relatable and easy for our partners and their players to use, giving them the control they need in real-time, just as life happens.

Atlaslive is well-known for its innovative platform and is a recognized leader in providing high-quality solutions for the igaming industry. How challenging is it to stay updated and at the forefront in a sector where technological advances are so constant?

Today, in every industry, technology leads the way, giving us and everyone a clearer understanding that the more we follow trends and listen to the needs of businesses and their audiences, the more effectively we can build strategy. A strategy where the product is not only valuable but also high-quality and relevant.

Staying updated is about continuously enhancing our platform with new features that make things more convenient for our partners and users. It’s crucial for us that our product, our platform, always operates quickly and meets contemporary needs. We analyse these needs and the market data and translate them into insights and then into relevant developments and new opportunities.

We aim to save others time and bring our partners a larger audience, more revenue, and less human effort. Automation plays a key role here, providing us with capabilities that, along with fast-forming analytical data, drive noticeable benefits. All this, combined with new features, tools, internal updates, and fresh collaborations with providers and payment systems, leads to great results for everyone. Yes, it’s challenging, but we know how to keep developing and push our technologies into new markets today.

What are the key aspects that make Atlaslive stand out from its competitors in such a competitive industry?

What sets Atlaslive apart? First off, we’re quick to market, which means we can launch solutions faster than needed. Our Sportsbook platform is also super adaptable and can be tailored to fit any business’s needs. Since we develop our platform ourselves, we make sure it has everything an iGaming business could need. This in-house approach keeps us live and dynamic and our partners happy with cutting-edge tools.

Atlaslive is present all around the world. How important are customization and flexibility to ensure that the Atlaslive Platform can adapt to different regions, regulations, and interests?

The Atlaslive Sportsbook covers a variety of features, offering operators a range of customization possibilities, from customizing odds settings to enhancing user engagement with incentives like cashback offers and free bets. Our platform supports different sports and maintains stringent security protocols to protect all transactions.

What is also important, is that we have the relevant language settings and can adapt to 50+, more than 10,000 casino games from reliable providers, 250+ worldwide payment methods, and a host of other capabilities.

This flexibility makes Atlaslive a top choice for operators who want to offer a variety of betting options in a secure and customized environment. Atlaslive’s platform is easy to tailor, accommodating specific regional and regulatory requirements effortlessly. It has a user-friendly interface, provides operators with smart analytics, and includes powerful management tools. It means we can enhance user experience across different markets.

What were your main achievements in this first half of the year and what do you expect for the rest of 2024?

Atlaslive Platform is recognised worldwide as one of the leading Sportsbook Platforms, as well as the Best Sports Betting Provider and a Rising Star in Sports Betting Technology within the CEE, Nordic and Baltic markets in 2024.

This year marked the beginning of our rebranding efforts, a clear sign that we’re ready to advance and steer through today’s and future competition.

As of now, we have 40 million registered users and 100,000 online players. These numbers speak for themselves, showing not only our growth but also the expanding audience of our partners, which is fantastic.

Looking ahead, we expect even greater results. Our plans are ambitious, and while we prefer not to disclose them publicly, we are expanding our team and enhancing our platform with new tech features. We’re also moving closer to entering new markets.

“As of now, we have 40 million registered users and 100,000 online players.”

Bogdana Yavorskaya, CMO of Atlaslive.
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