“Bet Academy will become an iGaming institute”

“Bet Academy will become an iGaming institute”

(Exclusive interview).- Edgar Mkrtchyan, Chief Product Officer at BetConstruct, talked with Focus Gaming News about the new edition of ICE London.

The 2020 edition of ICE London kicks off today at ExCel, where attendees will be able to enjoy the latest novelties in the gambling industry, as well as the most important products and services.

Edgar Mkrtchyan, Chief Product Officer at BetConstruct, talked with Focus Gaming News about the company’s booth, as well as its plans for 2020.

BetConstruct is participating at ICE London as a leading online gaming company, after closing a very successful year. What are you preparing for the event and further development?

Product-wise, we have quite a few launches and exciting ideas which go hand-in-hand with this year’s concept. These updates will be fully revealed at ICE. As always, BetConstruct will exhibit a number of innovations. To start off, we will launch our Spring BME app which basically is the widest digital platform for iGaming. As soon as the app works at its full capacity, any user will be able to access industry updates from any news source on sports betting and gaming as well as ask iGaming related questions and receive answers from experts. 

With an initial focus on our existing partners and their teams, BetConstruct will be sharing the insights to its new project, Bet Academy, which will become an iGaming institute for any person willing to enter the industry or deepen their professional knowledge and skills. We will train world-class traders, risk managers, project managers and other staff who will later be able to incorporate their newly-gained knowledge into iGaming business.

How was the feedback for Spring Pro? What do you expect for 2020?

SpringPro is not a novelty at its core, but rather an existing approach reimagined. The solution is a direct result of operators’ feedback and receiving positive response from them is a sign that we are on the right track. That immense flexibility in management that an operator can get with SpringPro is motivating the potential clients who are considering this solution. We’re looking forward to receiving more interest towards SpringPro in 2020.

BetConstruct will release What-If metrics for game analysis, how does ICE boost the knowledge that will be shared?

I personally would love to see more sporting companies at ICE since its the platform that offers innovation and technology not only for gaming but also for betting. Furthermore, in 2020 we expect to provide an innovative What-If metrics for game analysis. Imagine that you can assess any game episode from the video and objectively suggest a few better alternatives – pass to another player, choose a better position or go straight forward. The coach can use these examples and practice them with players, improving their game model and speed of thinking.

During ICE, BetConstruct will work under the concept of East&West, which are the main benefits of each region?

It’s important to mention that BetConstruct has already entered many markets and moves towards global operations. Each region has its own benefits and challenges. Unearthing those advantages and giving comprehensive advice and solutions to problems is in hands and competence of our B2C market research and on-site support teams. And, with a close-to-global operation BetConstruct gladly delivers these services to its partners.

Which are the challenges for the company in the UK facing Brexit?

We don’t expect many challenges post-Brexit, since we obtained our licence after November 2014 and take only UK players for the UK site. Strangely enough, the potential success of Brexit may have a positive impact and if it goes well for the UK, other countries may fall right in line. The most significant change may be in regards to AML regulations. Post-Brexit, the UKGC may have to adopt their own legislation in contrast to the current adoption of the EU Directives in relation to AML.

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