Australian regulator clears Star Sydney casino

star sydney

The facility was under investigation over allegations of violence to police.

They said that the casino can continue its operations in the country.

Australia.- The New South Wales Independent Liquor And Gaming Authority announced that they cleared The Star Entertainment Group Limited and that they can continue operating the Star Sydney casino. The facility was under investigation over allegations of violence to police.

“The Star [Sydney] has no business association, so far as I have been able to ascertain, with a person or body that is not of good repute or which has undesirable or unsatisfactory financial sources. It has systems and practices that reasonably ensure the honest conduct of gambling and the minimisation of harm to the public,” said Jonathan Horton QC, who wrote the regulator’s determination.

According to Horton, suggestions were made that the Star Sydney had under-reported incidents to police and and internally and that figures made public as to the occurrence of violence there presented a picture more favorable than is actually the case. He said that he investigated the crimes, and that he also interviewed people who gave them evidence. On the other hand, the Star said: “The Star Entertainment Group Limited notes the finding that it’s in the public interest for the casino license to continue in force. We also welcome key conclusions that The Star [Sydney] is resilient to infiltration by criminal influences, has a history of cooperation with law enforcement agencies and that responsible gambling is managed satisfactorily. We look forward to continue working closely with the New South Wales Police Force and with the regulator on recommendations within the report.”