Philippines president: e-sabong will continue

23 Senators have called for e-sabong to be suspended.
23 Senators have called for e-sabong to be suspended.

Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has said e-sabong will continue despite calls from 23 Senators to suspend the activity amid the disappearance of 31 people linked to the industry.

The Philippines.- Despite calls urging PAGCOR to suspend online cockfighting, e-sabong operations will go on, the Philippines’ president has said. Some 23 senators signed Resolution No. 996 calling for a suspension after 31 people disappeared.

However, Duterte said: “I appeal to congressmen to stop meddling with it. It is generating revenue, no one is benefitting there except PAGCOR and the big players.”

PAGCOR chairman Andrea Domingo had previously said: “Although we do respect the resolution from the senators for us to suspend immediately e-sabong operations, we have to look into the repercussions. In the final analysis, it would be PAGCOR that would be responsible for the final decision.”

A bill to tax online betting on sabong events held in legal cockpits was approved in November 2020. In May 2021, PAGCOR issued the first licences

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