New Zealand: man charged over illegal lottery

New Zealand: man charged over illegal lottery

The lottery allegedly generated over NZ$11m.

New Zealand.- A Christchurch man and his company have been charged with conducting illegal gambling, promoting illegal gambling, and making a pecuniary gain from illegal gambling under the Gambling Act 2003 (the Act). The man allegedly ran illegal lotteries online, offering prizes like high-value cars, boats, caravans, cash, and a freehold house. 

According to the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), the lottery allegedly made over NZ$11m in a little over a year, making it the largest illegal lottery identified in New Zealand.  According to New Zealand law, gambling with prizes over NZ$5,000 can only be operated by a not-for-profit society for authorised purposes and requires a class 3 gambling licence. 

Vicki Scott, director of gambling, DIA, said: “Our strict licensing requirements are there for a reason. We will not hesitate to respond firmly when we see instances of illegal gambling such as unlicensed online lotteries. We have no tolerance for those who seek to profit by bypassing the rules.”

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