MGM Resorts CEO Bill Hornbuckle meets with Chinese president Xi Jinping

MGM Resorts CEO Bill Hornbuckle meets with Chinese president Xi Jinping

Hornbuckle was one of the members of the US delegation that met with the Chinese president last week.

China.- A delegation of US business leaders, including MGM Resorts CEO and president Bill Hornbuckle, met with Chinese president Xi Jinping in Beijing last week. The US delegation also included Blackstone Group chief executive officer Stephen Schwarzman, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon, FedEx chief executive officer and chairman Raj Subramaniam, Chubb CEO Evan Greenberg, and Bloomberg chairman Mark Carney. 

They were joined by the president of the National Committee on US-China Relations Stephen Orlins, along with president of the US-China Business Council Craig Allen. During a 90-minute meeting in the East Hall of the Great Hall of the People, president Xi emphasised the importance of exchange and cooperation between China and the US, highlighting the mutual benefits of cultural integration and collaboration. He underscored historic ties between the two nations and called for increased engagement and cooperation across sectors.

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President Xi said: “I was asked a question about how China and the US have elements of each other within themselves. It’s all about exchange. Through exchange and cooperation, eventually, integration occurs, leading to the mutual inclusion of elements from each side.

“The history of China-US relations is a chronicle of friendly interactions between the peoples of the two countries. It was written by the people in the past and must continue to be shaped by the people of both nations in the future. Individuals from all sectors of both countries should engage more, communicate more and cooperate more.”

The presence of Bill Hornbuckle is suggestive of a positive stance towards Macau, where MGM operates two integrated resorts. MGM’s ventures in China extend beyond gaming, with a joint venture, Diaoyutai MGM Hospitality, operating hotels in several cities, including Shanghai, Chengdu, and Nanjing, with plans for further expansion. Hornbuckle expressed pride in MGM’s support for “US-China relations through increased bilateral travel and tourism”.

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