IPI files motion to limit Kan Pacific writ of execution

Kan Pacific Saipan alleges IPI owes it US$600,000.
Kan Pacific Saipan alleges IPI owes it US$600,000.

IPI’s lawyers argue that senior judgments should take priority.

Northern Mariana Islands.- Casino operator IPI’s lawyers, James Sirok and Michael Chen, have filed an opposition to Kan Pacific’s application for a writ of execution for the seizure of assets. IPI’s legal team assert that Kan Pacific’s application should be subject to limitations to prioritise liens ordered in judgments for USA Fanter and Joshua Gray that are tied to the same assets.

IPI’s legal representatives have alerted earlier lien holders to Kan Pacific’s application, and these have expressed their intent to intervene to protect their established rights.

Kan Pacific, represented by attorney Joseph J. Iacopino, seeks the seizure of assets, including vehicles, liquor, dragons, computer hardware, furniture and equipment and casino and security equipment. It took legal action in 2021 over failure to fulfil a 2016 agreement that stipulated that IPI would make annual payments in June 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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