India: 43 arrested for illegal gambling

Police discovered an illegal casino inside a house in Meerut.
Police discovered an illegal casino inside a house in Meerut.

Police have carried out a raid in the Partapur area in Meerut.

India.- Police in Meerut have arrested 43 people, including nine women, during a raid on an alleged illegal casino in a house in the city of Partapur. Police also seized cash.

According to local media, those arrested were from Nepal, Delhi, Gujarat and Uttarakhand, among other places. It’s reported that those arrested included Kapil and Ravi of Delhi and Piyush Garg of Dehradun, who were suspected of involvement in gambling operations in Dehradun and Goa.

A week ago, India hit the headlines after police discovered an illegal gambling hub that faked cricket matches that were broadcast online. In order to make matches look authentic, players wore T-shirts similar to those used in the IPL matches and running commentary was used. Players reportedly received a competition fee of Rs 400.

Four people were arrested during the raid. The suspected leader of the operation has been identified as Asif Mohammad and is already being sought by the police.

So far this year, Police in Delhi have arrested more than 3,502 people in 1,489 raids related to illegal gambling. 

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