India: 42 arrested for illegal gambling

Police seized material worth Rs19 lakh (US$23,991).
Police seized material worth Rs19 lakh (US$23,991).

Police in Pune made the arrests in raids on eight shops in the Bibwewadi area.

India.- Police in Bibwewadi, Pune, have carried out a series of raids that ended with the arrest of 42 people for alleged involvement in illegal gambling. Officers discovered gambling taking place under the guise of online games, lotteries and online lotteries. They seized 27 motorcycles, 32 mobile phones and other gambling material worth ₹19 lakh (US$23,991) from the accused. 

A case was filed at Bibwewadi police station under Sections 4 and 5 of the Maharashtra Prevention of Gambling Act against 94 people, including those arrested, shop owners and workers.

Elsewhere in India, two weeks ago, police carried out a raid in the Baba Demb area of Srinagar and arrested eight people who were allegedly involved in illegal gambling activities. Four of the men were allegedly gambling. The other four are said to have initially escaped but were later arrested. Police seized money and playing cards.

Previous to that, police arrested 43 people, including nine women after founding an alleged illegal casino in a house in the city of Partapur.

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