ASBC reacts to tribal criticism

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The group has heavily modified its anti-sports betting prohibition website in order to emphasise on American Indian sovereignty.

US.- The American Sports Betting Coalition (ASBC) runs a website advocating repeal of a national prohibition on sports betting which has recently been heavily edited in order to downplay the commercial gambling industry’s support of state’s rights & emphasise on American Indian sovereignty, as reported by Legal Sports Report (LSR). The decision comes right after several of the 244 tribes which operate casinos criticised the commercial gambling industry lobby and trade group.

According to the report, as several of the critical tribes aremembers of the American Gaming Associaiton (AGA), editing the site could mean that AGA is willing to acknowledge the legal complexities of its tribal members which operate casinos as government enterprsies under federal law, in opposition to commercial casinos, state-taxed and regulated.

Chairman of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians and AGA member Robert Martin was quoted by LSR saying he thinks “AGA will confer more closely with member tribes.”

As ASBC intends to repeal the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the industry awaits for the US Supreme Court hearings scheduled for this fall on a New Jersey lawsuit seeking revocation of PASPA, which is expected to be ruled on sometime next year.