Arkansas rejects casino project

Barry Emigh of Hot Springs’ casino project has been rejected again by Arkansas official.

US.- As reported by the KATV news, Arkansas rejected once again a legal casino proposal in the state. Since the beginning of the year, over four casino projects introduced by the same resident, Barry Emigh of Hot Springs, have been dismissed by the Arkansas State Attorney General Leslie Rutledge.

The state constitutional amendment presented by the Arkansas citizen was rejected last Friday by the Attorney General as it is misleading and “confusing to the point of being nonsensical,” according to the KATV newspaper. The official added that the casino law sponsor should be clear about legislative conditions to name and participate as members of the casino commission. Moreover, Rutledge demanded further information about licensing process and casino tax laws.

Arkansas Attorney General has rejected at least five attempts to regulate the casino industry. The official previously considered the name of the amendment as “overly long and complicated” and she also stated that the proposal lacked relevant information such as the conditions for the creation of the Fairplay Holdings Ballot Question Committee, which would have held polls to reunite the residents’ opinions.

Arkansas resident, Barry Emigh of Hot Springs, has been introducing gaming amendments since the beginning of the year, always obtaining the same answer.

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