“We will introduce many new games at ICE”

ICE 2019 takes place at ExCel London next week.

(Exclusive interview).- Thomas Engstberger, Sales Manager of Amatic Industries, talked with Focus Gaming News about the company’s plans for ICE 2019.

The upcoming edition of ICE London is only a few days away, as the most important event of the gambling industry will take place at the ExCel London from February 5-7. Sales Manager of Amatic industries, Thomas Engstberger, talked with Focus Gaming News about the company’s preparations for the event and its plans for 2019.

AMATIC participates in a lot of international gaming events. How does ICE London makes a difference for the company? How is the company preparing for this year’s event?

The ICE in London represents the greatest opportunity in the entire calendar year for us to present our gaming solutions. As we are known as The MULTI GAME Company in the industry, our customers rightly expect us to continually develop new, innovative and exciting games. We place our focus on creating games for all types of players. That is why we design games for all the regions we deal in – meaning that we will be introducing many new games at the ICE. We wish to maintain our hard-won reputation in the field of Multi Gameand we are very much looking forward to the feedback from the ICE.

Secondly, we have always placed focus on the way we design our cabinets. I’m pleased to let you know that we will be bringing brand-new cabinet innovations to ICE. That is why we have rightly stated that we will be bringing a Firework of Innovation to this year’s ICE.

AMATIC achieved new partnerships and expansions last year. Can you share with us what some of the company’s highlights from 2018?

Let me start by emphasising two partnerships that we have enjoyed for many years – with Comatel in Spain and Genesis Games in the UK. These partnerships are based on mutual respect and trust and we at AMATIC are thankful to have such partners. 

We have always placed focus on the way we design our cabinets.

The increasing rise of online gaming naturally brings about new opportunities and it is no surprise to reveal that our AMANET online division is the quickest growing business segment. We have been able to secure several partnerships in the past year and look forward to intensifying these business relationships. That is an important message we’d like to get across – working with AMATIC provides a secure and focused base to do business in. We work closely with our partners and help them as much as possible to be successful.

What is the company expecting and preparing for this year’s edition? How do you think ICE London will boost your goals?

As already mentioned, a lot of new games and newly developed cabinets to match! Talking about the games, visitors can look forward to get in touch with new AMATIC titles dealing with topics like wizardry, royalty, mythology and mystery as well as fresh slots from our popular “Hot” series. 

Working with AMATIC provides a secure and focused base to do business in.

We are expecting even more interest for our AMANET online games – there are still opportunities for companies to work together with us.

We will also be showing our Grand Jeu electronic roulette solutions. Its quality speaks for itself – that explains its continual popularity. At this point we can reveal that a brand-new design version of our successful Roulette Grand Jeu will be also on display at our stand.

As the company works for both online and land-based casino verticals, how do you assess the development of both markets? Is iGaming growing faster? What does the company think of Latin America’s legal framework for the iGaming sector?

Obviously, it’s a fact that online is growing faster. That remains the case and we see that continuing in the next years. Online gaming requires a legislative framework – once governments have passed the necessary laws, then online gaming can flourish. We see this happening more in Latin America and we are preparing to support these markets when the framework has been put together.

At the end of the day, it is all about the game and this is our first and foremost priority. 

We have games that are very popular both in our land-based and online sectors. We also develop games specifically for iGaming – this combination is one of the reasons for our success. At the end of the day, it is all about the game and this is our first and foremost priority. 

AMATIC has been in the industry for more than 25 years, what is the main priority to continue to be a leader in the international industry?

The reason for our success is that we continue – and I mean each and every year – to provide our customers with successful gaming solutions that their customers enjoy playing on. It’s as simple as that. Our customers know that we always focus on the player, no matter which country that player is and no matter how the player plays: online, land-based, etc.

Let me add: AMATIC is an independent company. That means we have always been able to react to market requirements in the most fitting way. We are very close to our markets and understand the gaming business thoroughly.   

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