Alfastreet dazzled its Colombian customers

FADJA gaming trade show in Bogota, Colombia, was held from 13th to 14th of April.

Colombia.- The Latin American market boosted its gaming industry at FADJA exhibition last week. Alfastreet, global leader of the sector, lived the trade show introducing new products to the reactivated Colombian industry and expanding its demanded gaming technology worldwide. The company celebrated new sales agreements with a number of local operators.

As the Colombian market seems to be increasing with great potential, Alfastreet assures its position and bets on its best products and solutions to grow along with it. So far, the operators and player’s feedbacks are very satisfying. The renowned gaming company received great amount of interested visitors who wanted to experience the brand’s latest proposals for the Latin sector.

Clients and representatives of the industry were able to learn about recent versions of the most successful electronic roulette machine, R8, which was introduced to Colombia during FADJA. Operators already showed their interest in the eight station cabinet for its elaborated design and perfect reliability record. Furthermore, the compact roulette series R6 presented the ideal solution for small casinos, as it offers multiple games in one machine.

However, the most demanded product was the Royal Derby machine, which is already set in some casinos in Colombia. The mechanical horse-racing machine was under the spotlight at FADJA as it supplies great player intuitive interface and best adaptability for every operator. The Royal Derby allows connecting the unit with other Alfastreet equipment. Last but not least, the Multigame I.Q. cabinet with two 27” monitors impressed the public for its innovative virtual electronic table game titles.