Alabama Senator introduces gambling legislation

State senator Greg Albritton has filed two gambling bills in Alabama.

US.- Alabama state senator Greg Albritton is making another effort to pass a gambling bill in the state. He’s filed Senate Bill 293, a constitutional amendment, and Senate Bill 294, which has details on the proposed law, which intends to capitalise on the growing gambling industry in the United States.

One of the primary goals of the bill is to form a state lottery, part of whose proceeds would go to fund state education and scholarships. The bill also suggests the creation of casinos.

The amendment would establish the Alabama Education Lottery and a Gambling Commission to supervise and regulate the state lottery, as well as allow casino-style games, sports betting, bingo, and raffles to be conducted subject to licensure by the commission.

The number of licensed casinos would be limited to five locations across the state. Two satellite casinos would offer a limited number of electronic gaming machines, according to Albritton. The bill puts forward a 20 per cent tax rate on the net gambling revenues for casinos and sports betting.

Last year a similar bill was introduced but failed in the Alabama House of Representatives. Alabama is one of just six states without a state lottery. If approved by the Legislature, the measure would go before voters in the November general election. 

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