Alabama lottery and sports betting bill fails to gain House support

The bill will be discussed again on May 17.
The bill will be discussed again on May 17.

The bill that would legalise sports betting and gambling in the state of Alabama looks unlikely to pass the House.

US.- A bill that would legalise sports betting, lottery, and gambling in the state of Alabama has failed to pass a vote in the House of Representatives. There will be a second attempt on May 17, but according to representatives, the bill is unlikely to pass.

In April, the Senate passed the bill SB 319, which would give citizens a vote in November 2022 on whether the state should amend the constitution to allow gambling activities in Alabama.

If approved at the ballot, the move would create an Alabama Education Lottery Corporation to operate a state lottery and an Alabama Gaming Commission to supervise casino gambling activities, sports betting and bingo.

The legislation would allow the state to enter into a gaming compact with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

The bill needs bipartisan support to obtain the 60 per cent majority needed for bills that require a constitutional amendment. House Speaker Mac McCutcheon has claimed that it does not have enough votes to pass.

McCutcheon told press: “I can’t say that we will not try to address it. But I can say that because of the bill and the way it is, it’s going to be doubtful. It’s going to be difficult to get it passed at such a late date.”

Negotiations between Democrats and Republicans failed to introduce a text to make it explicit that the money generated through gambling would be used to expand Medicaid.

The group will return on May 17 for the final day. However, according to McCutcheon it is unlikely that the bill passes, especially since it would have to go back to the Senate to approve the changes.

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