AGs against online poker in the US

Ten state attorney generals sent a letter to elected president Donald Trump supporting the banning of online poker.

US.- The attorney general of Nevada became the tenth representative to join Sheldon Adelson in his plan to outlaw online poker across the United States. Even though there’s power over numbers, there has been backlash to the movement from several political figures from the state.

Back in 2011, Barack Obama re-interpreted the 1961 Wire Act, and established that it only applies to sports betting, and not to all forms of online gambling. The attorney generals are asking Donald Trump and VP elected Mike Pence to restore the original provisions. Whilst Trump has an important background in being friendly to the gaming industry, Pence is an historical opponent to the online gaming market.

If their complaint moves forward, the bill would eliminate legal and regulated online gambling and poker in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. There are rumors that despite these three markets being shut down, state lotteries could still continue to sell tickets online.