Affilka by SOFTSWISS scores 91% satisfaction in Kantar survey

Kantar completed a comprehensive survey among Affilka’s clients in October 2023.
Kantar completed a comprehensive survey among Affilka’s clients in October 2023.

Affilka by SOFTSWISS has unveiled the outcomes of its recent customer satisfaction survey by Kantar.

Press release.- With an impressive 91% satisfaction rate, Affilka by SOFTSWISS, an innovative affiliate marketing management solution, unveils the outcomes of its recent customer satisfaction survey by Kantar.

Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics agency, completed a comprehensive survey among Affilka’s clients in October 2023. The survey addressed pivotal issues, including overall satisfaction, Affilka’s image characteristics covering both functional and emotional aspects, and account manager satisfaction.

Key factors while choosing an affiliate marketing management platform

Based on the survey results, the key functional characteristics that emerge as top priorities when selecting an affiliate marketing management platform include:

  • Uninterrupted operation of the product and referral links
  • Product safety
  • Flexible commissions and deals for affiliates
  • Convenience of working with the partner database
  • Availability and speed of data upload

Remarkably, Affilka’s clients express significant satisfaction with these key factors. A considerable number, accounting for 49% of respondents, highlighted that they are likely to recommend it as the platform that covers all their business needs.

Speaking about overall satisfaction, 42% of the respondents who gave the highest rating expressed complete satisfaction with the platform’s performance. Almost half of the respondents were content but reported some minor issues. The average overall satisfaction score stood at 8.1 out of 10.

Functional and emotional characteristics

Affilka stands out from other affiliate marketing software providers due to its crucial functional characteristics. It excels in swift business communication at all stages, ensures prompt and high-quality resolution of operational issues via dedicated account managers, and boasts robust functionality tailored to meet essential business requirements.

Anastasia Borovaya, head of Affilka by SOFTSWISS, commented: “We are truly delighted to receive such a positive evaluation of our efforts. However, it’s crucial to highlight that these surveys primarily aim to identify areas for ongoing improvement. Insights from Kantar’s surveys will guide our future endeavours, enhancing the quality of our products and services. This invaluable feedback serves as a cornerstone in our unwavering dedication to constant improvement.”

The respondents also highlighted key emotional characteristics that have an impact on their choice of platform. The lineup of the most valuable aspects that set the SOFTSWISS affiliate platform apart from competitors covers the following characteristics:

  • Long-term and reliable partnership
  • Top-level service
  • High professionalism and expertise of employees
  • Secure platform solutions

Account manager satisfaction

The satisfaction score for account managers surpasses the overall satisfaction, standing at 9.1 out of 10, while 58% of respondents rated their account managers with a perfect 10. Noteworthy, 97% of clients expressed satisfaction with the quality of work of Affilka’s account managers. This exceptional rating is attributed to the high level of competence displayed by account managers, coupled with their prompt response and accessibility, which have garnered the highest levels of satisfaction among the clients.

Approximately 44% of respondents engage with their account managers 2–3 times a week. In summary, the noteworthy feedback from the survey participants emphasises that the service completely meets their needs: “Account managers exert consistent effort on a daily basis. They are constantly making SOFTSWISS look like the best company in the industry.”

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