Advocates for video gambling plan legislative strategy in Indiana

This week in Indianapolis, advocates of legalising video gambling in Indiana will be plotting a legislative strategy.

US.- Advocates of legalising video gambling in Indiana will plot legislative strategy this week in Indianapolis. According to the (Evansville) Courier-Press, the group if advocated in favour of video gambling is made up of trade organisations representing amusement and music operators, licensed beverage dealers and bowling centres.

The group calls itself the Video Game Coalition. It advocates electronic terminals in places such as bars and truck stops that allow patrons to gamble on poker, blackjack or other games. Currently, those games are only allowed in casinos.

Supporters say revenue raised could fund state infrastructure improvements. They say Illinois’ legalisation of video gambling has contributed to a downturn in Indiana casino revenue.

The Video Game Coalition is seeking legislative sponsors. A plan by Jasper Republican Sen. Mark Messmer never got a hearing, dying in the Rule Committee.