1xSlots: “Customer retention is one of our strengths”

Grisha, head of marketing at 1xSlots.
Grisha, head of marketing at 1xSlots.

1xSlots’ head of marketing, Grisha, delves into the structure and goals of the company’s marketing department, revealing unique strategies and insights.

Interview.- Grisha, the head of marketing at 1xSlots, offers a detailed look into the inner workings of 1xSlots marketing department.

Grisha also shares insights into the company’s organizational structure, goal-setting processes, and the methods used to engage and retain customers.

How is the 1xSlots marketing department structured? What are the department’s goals? Why is marketing known as Gryffindor and acquisition as Slytherin?

Hi everyone! I’m Grisha, and I’m the head of marketing at 1xSlots. Our department is responsible for customer retention, brand awareness, collaborations, developing unique promo campaigns, and managing social media.

Today, I want to tell you a bit about our setup and the goals we’ve set ourselves.

We adhere to the Agile philosophy and use Scrum to facilitate our daily operations. We plan two quarters. We hold regular team meetings in which we plan, review, work on our mistakes, and keep account of our activities.

I’ve found that miscommunication is frequently an issue in casino marketing, especially when it comes to attracting new customers. This is why our team is committed to sharing information to complete tasks more efficiently, and quickly tackle any problems.

First, I agree on a series of goals with the rest of the team, we make any necessary adjustments, and I pass our objectives on to the CEO. Prioritizing is essential here. Once we get the go-ahead from the CEO, we set OKRs and track our targets on the board using a Gantt chart (a very useful tool).

Marketing (retention), like being a Gryffindor, requires creativity and passion. There is very little cunning involved. We grab our audience’s attention with special offers and go for the WOW effect with our existing customers. Slytherin is often associated with ambition and determination to succeed. Analytics and staying focused on results are key to drawing in traffic.

If you’re in the business of increasing traffic and want to get into Gryffindor or Slytherin while receiving the best payouts and rates on the market, then join us as an affiliate!

What software and methods of communication does the marketing department use with 1xSlots customers?

We use all the options at our disposal to communicate with our customers. We experiment with various modes of communication, such as email + push notification, message to account inbox + SMS, and so on. The team employs a communication cascade strategy that is adapted to fit the user. For example, when dealing with customer cohorts who open emails more often than push notifications, we make our first contact via email.

For analytics, we use a completely standard toolset: GA4, Firebase, CRM, and email analytics.

We try to communicate in the local language and have a large team of translators for this purpose.

What are the 1xSlots marketing department’s KPIs?

Marketing KPIs fall into four main categories: customer acquisition, customer retention, content, and brand and media – each relating to different groups and channels. For example, customer acquisition includes SEO, contextual advertising, targeted advertising, bloggers, and affiliate programs. Each group and channel generates its leading and lagging indicators.

Lagging indicators are how we measure the impact of our work. They look at our results over days, weeks, and months, and from an operational management standpoint are difficult to influence at the moment.

Leading indicators can be influenced by the team to meet KPIs and get the results the business needs.

Unfortunately, our NDA means I can’t reveal any actual figures, but I can say that I am entirely happy with our current KPIs, and the team knows what to do to ensure they are met. We have learned to set realistic and achievable KPIs that are based on past data. Employees always receive bonuses for exceeding the plan, which is a great incentive.

Examples of lagging indicators that we take into account in our KPIs in various areas:

1. CAC

2. LTV

3. FTD


6. OR, CR

We work with our affiliates based on the same principles. This is not my area, but I know that our affiliates are paid an additional bonus and are motivated to deliver greater volumes and quality of traffic.

How does the 1xSlots marketing department go about retaining its customers?

Customer retention (CR) is one of our strengths. We take advantage of every available means of communication: SMS, push notifications, emails, phone calls, and so on. The retention team regularly updates the trigger communications map with different customer segments.

Customers are eager to read our messages because they often contain gifts. We regularly conduct A/B testing and measure the effectiveness of our communication – for example, to find out which messages result in greater CR.

“Customers are eager to read our messages because they often contain gifts.”

Grisha, head of marketing at 1xSlots.

We also take customer preferences into account. For instance, if it isn’t convenient for someone to receive calls or SMS, we send them emails instead. We have trigger communications for almost every customer action.

To summarise, successful retention means:

1. in-depth analysis of the customer base

2. setting up triggers within the website and app

3. a personalized approach

4. testing

5. analytics

What cutting-edge CRM marketing techniques are used by the 1xSlots marketing department?

In 2022−2023, we learned first-hand how quickly the market situation can change. But despite the dynamism of modern marketing, there are also many stable trends.

There are several popular trends that we follow at 1xSlots:

1. We gamify our contact with the customer. As I’m sure you’ll agree, emails are much more engaging when they’re designed like mini-games.

2. Personalized communication. Our extensive testing has shown that personalization has a positive effect on OR/CR.

3. Using AI to predict customer behavior. Predictive analytics is an exciting field that is still at the testing stage but is already yielding results.

4. Deep segmentation of our customer base. We prepare hundreds of millions of unique offers for each user so that everyone can enjoy their bonus without any restrictions.

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