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UK Commission urges operators to comply law

UK Gambling Commission spoke at a conference to detail the following steps on the probe.

UK.- Birmingham hosted yesterday the “Raising Standards Conference” where the UK Gambling Commission commented on the industry’s investigation. The gaming regulator expects operators of all sectors to comply the current legislation and cooperate with the national probe until December 4, when the government will decide how to proceed.

A few weeks ago, the Gambling Commission announced the reinforcement of the control in all gaming services as the government will probe the impacts in society. After the results, the Commission will set higher fines for irregularities, especially in advertisement field, and will also place more license reviews.

Sarah Harrison, chief executive officer of the UK Gambling Commission, urged operators to cooperate with the probe and to ‘accelerate the pace’ at which the industry is developing fair strategies for customers’ treatment. The government is debating with operators by using regulatory settlements, although the system will be reinforce by adding full license reviews.

“We will propose changes to our statement on financial penalties with the likelihood of higher penalties going forward, in particular where we see systemic and repeated failings. Our principles on penalties already reflect the need to remove profits from non-compliance, take account of costs and consumer harm, and deter poor compliance but higher penalties are likely if we do not see behaviour changing.,” expressed Harrison.

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