crown china employees

China releases Crown employees

Chinese authorities released the remaining Crown Resorts employees that were still detained over gambling related crimes.

china lottery sales

China experiences lottery sales decline

According to new data, monthly lottery sales in China fell slightly in June, after three months of good results.

online casino spain

China to block gambling sites

Local telecoms were ordered by the Chinese government to start a crackdown on VPN.

macau casino licenses

Uncertainty surrounds Macau casino permits

Investment analysts say the future it’s not clear for the gaming permits of Macau’s six casinos, which expire between 2020 and 2022.

New lottery arrives at China

The Chinese market will experience this week a new instant game by SF Lottery.


Lottery sales grow in China

May saw a year-on-year 9 percent increase in lottery sales in Mainland China.

crown china employees

China convicts Crown employees

A Chinese court has decided to convict the Crown employees that were charged with offenses related to gambling promotion.