Lottery sales grow in China

May saw a year-on-year 9 percent increase in lottery sales in Mainland China.


China convicts Crown employees

A Chinese court has decided to convict the Crown employees that were charged with offenses related to gambling promotion.


China sets Crown staff court date

The Crown Resorts employees that were detained and charged in China are set to appear in Shanghai court on June 26.


Crown employees charged with gambling offenses

Australia’s Crown employees that were detained in China were finally charged with gambling offenses.

Severe crackdown on Chinese casinos

The media reported over 70 cases of shut down Chinese casinos after severe crackdown.

lawrence ho

Lawrence Ho criticises former partner Crown

The Macau operator has complained about Crown’s James Packer’s marketing campaigns in China.


Lottery sales increase in China

The number of lottery sales in Mainland China increase 9.6 percent year-on-year during April.