ZenSports adds DFS contests

ZenSports adds DFS contests
ZenSports adds DFS contests as the sports betting segment continues to expand in the US.

ZenSports has added daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests to its suite of product solutions as the segment expands in the United States.

US.- The sports betting industry continues to expand in the United States and companies try to take advantage of it. That’s why ZenSports has launched daily fantasy sports contests across 41 states.

Besides US-residents, international players will also have access to the DFS product.

According to ZenSports Co-Founder & CEO, Mark Thomas: “When building our new DFS features, we took great pains to ensure that the user experience and design within our app weren’t compromised for international customers that have access to both products. While at the same time, using the technologies available to us to ensure that only international residents get access to our P2P sports betting features. Furthermore, only U.S. residents in the 41 states get access to the DFS features. We feel good that we’ve balanced both very well.

“We expect the use of our SPORTS token to also be near 100% for DFS contests as well. The ease of use, savings, cash-back, bonuses, and other loyalty/rewards benefits that our SPORTS token offers is unparalleled. Plus, our token is portable and can be sent into and out of ZenSports with ease. No other product offers all of these benefits in a payment mechanism and loyalty/rewards program.”

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