YouTubers charged with gambling advertising offences in the UK

Two men have been charged for gambling advertising offences related to YouTube promotion, by the UK Gambling Commission.

UK.- UK residents Craig “Nepenthez” Douglas, who creates FIFA content on YouTube, and Dylan Rigby have both been charged with a number of gambling advertising offences after the UK Gambling Commission investigated the website

Douglas has been charged with “inviting children to gamble”, whilst Rigby will face charges related to “the provision of services to gamble.” Rigby was allegedly the owner of futgalaxy’s YouTube channel, which has since shut down. In addition, both men are accused of advertising unlawful gambling. All charges related to the use of virtual currency, rather than real money.

The pair appeared before the Birmingham Magistrates’ Court on Friday to be charged. Their next court appearance is set on October 14. Whilst a number of Counter-Strike YouTubers are facing lawsuits in the U.S. over gambling, this is the first criminal charge brought in this long-running saga in the UK.

The UK gambling commission released a discussion paper last month, clearing setting out their position that virtual currency gambling was still covered by existing UK gambling law. The commission is now setting out to clamp down on those offering services without a license and those advertising gambling to children as a “high priority.”