Yokohama election to define casino status

Credits: GaijinPot Blog.

Mayoral election in Japanese city of Yokohama will determine the approval or rejection of casino project.

Japan.- Yokohama has been selected by international gaming operators as one of the three most potential cities to develop the casino industry in the country. However, two of the three political candidates that are running for Mayor this month are against the approval of Integrated Resorts in the city.

On July 30, residents are voting for the next Yokohama Mayor, which will determine the future of gaming industry in the Japanese city. One of the candidates, Kazuyoshi Nagashima, has launched his campaign under “No Casino” speech. Meanwhile, the second candidate, Hirotaka Ito, spread the slogan “Rather Than a Casino, Provide Lunches for Students,” according to AGBrief.

Although current mayor Fumiko Hayashi firstly expressed her optimistic opinion about hosting a casino, the also candidate would have changed her speech to adjust the proposal of her opponents. As both of them have promised to reject casino proposals if get elected, the incumbent mayor is evaluating a more cautioned position as to gaming development.

As the national government is assessing further legislation to control the upcoming casino industry in Japan, the three potential hosts (Yokohama, Osaka and Tokyo) are also evaluating the benefits and controversy that the gaming sector could generate. Small cities in Japan have also joined the bidding process to obtain an Integrated Resort (IR) license once the government ends the legislative plans to implement the new gaming law.