WeAreCasino to launch a new European IT & Development Center in Latvia

The company has revealed that it will launch a new European IT & Development Center in Riga.

Latvia.- WAC LATVIA SA is going to serve as WAC’s European IT & DEVELOPMENTS HQ, alongside the head office in Buenos Aires. The new European IT branch will focus on developing WAC platforms.

The Team is working on new games and features, following up from the successful launch of the Slot Builders Program at the ICE exhibition earlier this year.

“This move is a huge strategic asset for the Group. We are building a talented and experienced team in Latvia, consisting of people with amazing technical and creative skills. We should be able to see immediate results in our games and our Slot Builder tool, thanks to these new upcoming features. We are excited to share this new range of innovative products with our customers!,” said Sem Moioli, WAC Group CEO.

WeAreCasino is a real novelty in the online gaming industry. Young and dynamic company, aiming to become one of the world’s largest online casino gaming provider. 

WeAreCasino owns a proprietary Gaming Engine, Remote Gaming Server, mathematic, RNGs and standard integration API, allowing clients to generate their personalized games. This also provides easier feature integration and exceptional quality, whether you’re playing on mobile or desktop. Games, servers and RNGs are certified by external testing houses in different jurisdictions.

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