Vietnam would change casino rules

The Vietnamese government will seemingly change the prohibition against residents’ participation.

Vietnam.- According to several gambling newspapers, Vietnam would change the casino legislation soon. If a special permission is approved, two casinos would be able to accept the participation of Vietnamese residents in its gaming floors, as part of a three-year trial. Although the government has not made an official announcement, the changes would be imminent.

As several press websites revealed, the national government would allow residents to gamble on local casinos during a three-year experiment in order to measure the impact on society and then, debating the amendments on the current gambling legislation, based on the results. This version of the Vietnamese casino situation was backed by Stellar Management CEO Augustine Ha Ton Vinh, according to gaming newspapers.

The designated resorts in which residents would be admitted are Van Don Island, Ha Long Bay, in the North and another on Phu Quoc island in the South of the Asian country. Vietnamese players will have to fulfil certain request, such as being over 21 years old, not having a criminal record and receiving proven salary of over US$500 per month. Furthermore, residents will be charged with an entry free of around US$50.

Vinh also commented that he expects the Ministry of Finance will release its approved final draft decree “possibly in the next few months.” The new gambling legislation would include a two-tiered casino licensing system to regulate integrated resort casinos, which must involve total investment of over US$2 billion, and another for smaller casinos with investment under that amount.