User experience and innovation: The pillars of success in the entertainment industry

Innovation and User experience are key for the industry.
Innovation and User experience are key for the industry.

Pragmatic Play analyzes why it is necessary to rely on these two concepts to adapt to the demands.

Opinion.- When we observe the historical trajectory of the entertainment industry, there are clearly elements where change has driven new chapters. However, with more attention, it is possible to notice that these changes have revolved around the nature of human beings.

These two factors, constant change and human essence are the engine of this evolutionary process that has made user experience and innovation two successful pillars in this sector and Pragmatic Play analyzes why.

The two main reasons for entertainment evolution

Every evolution process is characterized by the clear factors that drive it. When it comes to entertainment, it is not different. Although it is possible to cite many reasons that have transformed the concept of fun, two have become crucial throughout the years, changing not only the way of understanding fun, but also the forms of materialization, the means to satisfy this demand, and their characteristics.

On one side, the engine of this process has always been the constant and inevitable dynamism of societies, their lifestyle, the appearance of new technologies, general interactions, consumption habits and the appearance of innovative environments. It all results in a series of adaptations, discards and incorporations that shape new user profiles.

On the other hand, and in an apparent contradiction to this new impulse for change, the ways of entertainment of the past and the present, rooted in tradition, can become a breeding ground for new developments.

Why are user experience and innovation the key to success in the process of evolution?

To continue offering entertainment according to people’s demands, as time goes by and preferences change, user experience and innovation have become two essential guides. Regardless of what the tastes are and the stage of this evolution process, it will always be necessary to rely on these two concepts to adapt to the demands.

User experience as a destiny

The user experience is a real priority. Whether it is an operator, looking to create an attractive, clean, diverse lobby, or providers who want to create amazing, unique titles, or even streamers who want to display cutting-edge game sessions, it is all aimed at ensuring the US is attractive as can possibly be when the audience tunes in.

As is evident, user experience is not only fundamental, but it has also increasingly become the centre from which many actions emerge to achieve the goal: Give the user what they’re looking for, in the most convenient way and in perfect sync with their environment and lifestyle; a practical space, clear, with attractive options, in a safe and responsible atmosphere, in which the public can feel comfortable and enjoy the way they like.

Innovation as a process

Secondly, but equally as important, is innovation. Closely related to user experience, it is an indispensable requirement for a brand’s survival. Nowadays we can see an incredibly positive phenomenon, but also a challenging one – a demanding, educated public, that demands quantity, quality, and diversity.

Neither operators nor providers, streamers or influencers can be satisfied today by offering just a few classics, having intermediate-quality alternatives and making just little tweaks to content that already exists. The lifestyle full of virtualisations, the preference for the immediate, an aversion to routine and the tendency to boredom represent a real challenge.

For this reason, innovation has become a constant discussion point. While you can provide an experience, it is necessary to plan the next one that brings new flavours, bold improvements, and fresh experiences, when compared to the previous one.


It is in this context of movements, requirements, extravagant tastes and fast-paced changes that the entertainment industry grows and evolves, therefore, it is necessary to always aim for increasing the level that is offered and for that it is necessary to count on high-end technology, with specialised teams, creative, flexible and with a great capacity to adapt to what is different.

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