UK party urges ban on gambling ads during live events

The Labour Party wants to ban ads during live sporting events. Credits: ACMA

The Labour party is calling for a ban on gambling advertising in a bid to table problem gambling.

UK.- The Labour Party from the United Kingdom has concluded a year-long review of gambling regulations and its leaders consider that more regulations are needed in order to properly treat problem gambling. The party is now calling for a total ban on gambling advertising during live sporting events.

Deputy leader Tom Watson has said that it is a matter of a “public health emergency”, but the Conservatives criticized his claims as they believe the party “liberalised the market when it was in power.” Chris Skidmore, Conservative Vice Chairman for Policy, said: “Labour liberalised the gambling market when they were in power, and have admitted that they were wrong.”

Watson said that his party would introduce a ban on gambling adverts shown during a specified time during live sporting events, as well as before and after. “We’re not anti-gambling. We just think we need to tighten up regulations because there has been a digital revolution in these new products since the last piece of legislation. Even the industry are saying that TV advertising for in-sport betting is getting out of hand and needs dealing with.”

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