UK Gambling Commission issues novelty bet letter

The Commission’s novelty bet letter aims to warn UK operators about novelty betting markets.

UK.- The UK Gambling Commission (GC) sent out a warning to British operators outlining thow novelty betting markets should be managed with pre-recorded TV shows.

Richard Watson, Programme Director, Enforcement and Intelligence for the Gambling Commission, pointed out two shows in a letter that was released.

Back in October Ladbrokes initiated its own investigation after discovering that more than 40 new accounts were linked to BBC workers and Love Productions. BBC’s lawyers wrote to bookmakers last year voicing their opinion over odds being offered on the outcome of the pre-recorded Bake off television shows. Out of the 42 accounts there were 529 wagers made through the accounts in total. Strictly Come Dancing’s 2007 winner, Alesha Dixon, claims that one of the producers of the show won thousands betting on herself to win.

“There have been repeated instances of operators offering markets on pre-recorded television programmes such as the Great British Bake Off, Strictly Come Dancing and other novelty markets, following which media reports emerge that suggest there are issues of integrity,” said the Gambling Commission. “In a world of social media and rapid communication, the outcome of these markets is likely to be known to an ever-expanding group of consumers before the result is formally announced. We therefore require operators of these markets to demonstrate a robust management of the associated risks in order to ensure they uphold the licensing objectives.”