UK All-Party Betting & Gaming Group disbands

The APPG supported gambling interests in parliament.
The APPG supported gambling interests in parliament.

The group, which promoted the gambling sector in parliament, has ceased to exist.

UK.- Steve Donoughue, secretary of the UK parliament’s All-Party Parliamentary Betting & Gaming Group, has announced that the group has ceased its activity. The group supported the gambling industry in parliament, arguing that it was an important sector of the British economy.

Donoughue said individual members of the group will continue to advocate for gambling individually, replacing the APPG with an “informal network of those interested in the British gambling industry”. He said they would “hopefully organise ad hoc meetings and discussions outside the formal Parliamentary All Party Group structure”.

Donoughue said in a statement: “We would like to thank all of the parliamentarians who have taken time to be involved over the years, especially chairs and officers past and present, we thank them for their invaluable contribution.

“The group is very grateful for the engagement of those in the industry and associated industries over many years.”

The decision comes after the publication of the UK government’s gambling white paperStuart Andrew, the parliamentary under-secretary of state for sport, gambling and civil society, has said that the new consultations announced in the white paper will be complete before the general election in 2024.

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