Top-5 of live TVBET games popular among bookmakers

TVBET describes its most popular games among bookmakers.

Cyprus.- TVBET started in 2016 and has gained popularity all over the world. Every day the specialists do their best for the development of high-quality games and providing the best user experience.

Now, the live-games provider is full of entertaining units and each of the players may choose something that suits their taste. Some games have a unique game design and are available on the TVBET only. Also, TVBET offers its users three-level jackpots, promo codes and free spins.

The proportion of TVBET live games bets now reaches 30% in the total amount of bookmakers. Let’s look into the details of some of the most popular games.

  1. PokerBet

The game is popular among betting companies; it is broadcasted overnight. In the game process, there are 5 rounds: Bet, Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn, and River. A deck of 52 cards is used here. The task of each player is to pick the strongest card hand among other players-competitors.

  1. JokerBet

One more game that is broadcasted on the portal overnight. A deck of 54 cards is used in the game, the back of the cards can be red or blue. The stickman shows only one card at the regular intervals within one hand. One can see which cards are already opened and the players can bet on the exact card value, colour, suit or digital\non-digital value. Thanks to simple game rules lots of newcomers pay their attention to it.

  1. KenoBet

The game is quick and simple, lots of players like it. In KenoBet they use a lottery machine with 80 differently numerated balls. After the hostess mixes them 20 balls fall out turn-by-turn. The player must identify the numbers that would fall out. Apart from the exact listing of numbers the players may bet on numbers’ evenness or unevenness, colours of the fallen out balls or absence of numbers among the result. If the amount of balls is less than 20 the results of the game is cancelled.

Moreover, the game has a creatively different approach to studio design. Visual effects on the hostess’ background spice things up while the balls rotate in the lottery machine.

  1. 1Bet

It is a new game where the numerated balls are used too. In opposition to KenoBet the amount of them is less – only 37 and only one comes out. The players’ bets are accepted on the exact value of the ball, its colour, number’s evenness or unevenness.

  1. War of Elements

A quick game between the player and the hostess where a deck of 52 cards is used. The first card is given to the player and the next one to the hostess. After that, the cards on the table are compared and the winner is chosen. The game suggests the following betting variants: colour, suit, the exact value of the card, digital\non-digital value. The game is broadcasted overnight. Players may bet either on current or on the following hand.

All of TVBET games are thoroughly developed and that’s why even the most experienced users would like them. The diversity of classical games and novelties keep up the excitement and engagement. Moreover, any player can try demo versions before betting and choose what they like the most. As far as the prize is concerned, it is credited to the account right after the game is over. Also mostly at the end of the games players get a chance to win a jackpot.

Despite TVBET has appeared on the market relatively recently it had enough time to earn respect and trust of players all over the world. 

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