Trump could bid for a Macau concession

Donald Trump representatives have filed four trademark applications for the brand ‘Trump’ in Macau just before the casino licenses expire.

Macau.- US President Donald Trump and his representatives are believed to be making a move to bid for a casino license in Macau once the current ones begin to expire (starting March 31 2020). DTTM Operations LLC, a company responsible for handling the President’s trademarks, filed four applications in the gaming hub and has awaken all sorts of rumours surrounding the reason of said filings.

Casino-related rumours are the first to arise as Trump was once a main figure in the casino industry and since one of the applications was for gambling and casino services and facilities, the company’s intentions seem to be clear. And since the six casino operators licenses beginning to expire in less than three years, they seem to be getting ready in case new bidders are allowed into the market.

Gaming analyst Ben Lee, managing partner at IgamiX Management and consulting was quoted by saying “it is a possibility, albeit remote.” He added that the proximity to the concession renewal process makes “one to consider the possibility that he may look at applying for a new concession.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Trump had bid for a Macau casino license in 2001 along with investors such as local billionaire Ng Lap-seng.

“A Trump partnership is a possibility, but to register trademarks is a common business practice,” said to Glenn McCartney, associate professor in international integrated resort management at the University of Macau. “It does not mean that it will necessarily be materialised.” It coud just be a “defensive measure” to avoid his logo or brand to be used in the region.

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