Tennis player banned over match-fixing

Tennis player banned over match-fixing

The Tennis Integrity Unit banned professional tennis player Joao Olavo Soares de Souza over a match-fixing case that spans 2015-2019.

UK.- In order to favour sports integrity and the proper operation of the sports betting industry, authorities thoroughly monitor athletes. That’s why a professional tennis player got a lifetime ban over match-fixing between 2015-2019.

After the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) conducted an investigation on several matches, it determined the sanction. Not only will he stay away from the pro circuit, but he’ll have to pay a €182k fine.

The tennis match-fixing scandal involves ATP Challenger and ITF Futures games in Brazil, Mexico, the US and Europe.

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) celebrated the decision and issued a brief statement.

“The IBIA welcomes the decision to impose a lifetime ban and a fine on Soares de Souza,” a spokesperson said.

“IBIA and its members will continue to work closely with the TIU. The association is confident that the measures being taken by the sport aligned with the detailed customer-based data provided by IBIA members will continue to enable the identification and punishment of betting-related corruption in tennis.”

The former 69th player in the World is 31 and was 742nd in ATP singles until the ban.

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