TCSJOHNHUXLEY debuts Chipper Champ Pro at G2E 2018

The company unveiled the product at G2E 2018.
The company unveiled the product at G2E 2018.

The gaming brand debuted the product at G2E Las Vegas and will be available from early 2019.

US.- TCSJOHNHUXLEY, the premier manufacturer and supplier of live table gaming products and services, unveiled the next generation of its world-beating chipping machine – the Chipper Champ Pro, to the Americas at G2E Las Vegas.

This latest model, available from early 2019 has been developed to incorporate all the key attributes of the Chipper Champ 2, but combines even greater security and operational features that bring unbeatable benefits to the casino. 

The Chipper Champ Pro’s all-new stand out features include a built-in camera to identify suspected jams or rogue items in the hopper and a unique fold-away 10” digital screen that can display chip column counts. Wheel Bias reporting and Inclinometer levelling information are available as an optional feature, requiring limited additional hardware connecting to the wheel. These powerful wheel insights are delivered direct to the digital display screen, removing the need to connect a PC to download data from the Roulette Wheel. Now operators can quickly and easily identify any potential issues discreetly from the gaming floor.

The Chipper Champ Pro also incorporates some new features to its streamlined cabinet. LED lights highlight the contours and the addition of built-in speakers on each side, allow the dealer to hear various prompts. The speaker facing the players and gaming floor can be switched off, so as not to be intrusive. 

Tristan Sjöberg, Executive Chairman comments, “We first debuted the Chipper Champ Pro earlier this year and were overwhelmed by the positive customer feedback we received. Since then we have made certain refinements to ensure our production model is a worthy addition to the Chipper Champ range but most importantly it delivers improved productivity, security and reliability, maintaining its reputation as the gold standard of chipping machines.”

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