Tabcorp announced board changes

The Australian operator Tabcorp has announced the appointment of the outgoing FFA CEO to its board.

Australia.- Outgoing Football Federation Australia (FFA) chief executive David Gallop has been named to Tabcorp’s board. The FFA CEO joined the board on Monday as observant until the company obtains the necessary approvals from the regulator.

Gallop resigned as CEO of the FFA in July, five months after he was supposed to step down from the position. He had joined the federation in 2012 after ten years of running the National Rugby League (NRL).

David has successfully led two of Australia’s highest-profile sporting organisations in the NRL and FFA,” said Tabcorp chairman Paula Dwyer. “He brings to our board a deep understanding of sports administration and the commercial drivers which underpin it,” she added.

Tabcorp said that appointing Gallop is part of an attempt to renew the company. It said that they will make more appointments in the next year ahead of Dwyer and Telstra chief Switkowski’s departure.

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