Synergy Blue places first certified skill-based games

Synergy Blue places first certified skill-based games

The company announced that it has placed its first certified, skill-based games at the Augustine Casino.

US.- Synergy Blue today announced the placement of its first certified, skill-based games on the floor of the Augustine Casino in Coachella, California. Zombie$ and Safari Match, Synergy Blue’s certified, skill-based games are based upon their patented HAWG® (Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming) platform, a class III certified solution that blends arcade-style play with GLI11-compliant skill-based or chance-based gambling, allowing for regulatory compliance in multiple jurisdictions.

Synergy Blue’s games are meant to appeal to a new generation of gamers, providing an engaging experience coupled with a seamless entertainment component that provides uninterrupted arcade-style play.

“This is a huge milestone for our company, the skill-based gaming world, and the casino industry,” said Georg Washington, CEO of Synergy Blue. “Not only are our hardware and software GLI11 certified, but our games are incredibly fun to play, all while providing the velocity and RTP that casino operators traditionally expect. Today’s players are demanding a new level and style of gameplay, one that harkens to the arcades of their youth. Synergy Blue’s arcade-style, skill-based games fulfil that demand.”

To start, Augustine Casino has launched its first two Synergy Blue games, Zombie$ and Safari Match: Zombie$ (Gun controller). In this first-person shooter theme, you are a mercenary hired to clear out a grotesque zombie infestation and uncover the root cause. This adventure takes you through several levels, ranging from creepy junkyards to abandoned underground military bunkers – each with unique surprises, health packs, and rewards.

Safari Match (Slant Top touchscreen). A colourful, strategic and fun Connect 3 game with dazzling waterfalls, crystal clear streams, and adorable animals come-to-life as you play through the vast savannah. Match three or more animals to collect points, prizes and extra chances through bonus rounds.

“Synergy Blue’s skill-based games are helping to drive the gaming industry towards its next evolution, providing new and engaging gaming experiences spanning multiple generations,” said Jef Bauer, General Manager, Augustine Casino. “We’re excited to be able to offer our guests these new arcade-style, skill-based games, giving them a new and entertaining experience.”

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