Sports betting rules delayed in Iowa

Sports betting winners in Iowa won't have to pay debts from their winnings just yet.
Sports betting winners in Iowa won't have to pay debts from their winnings just yet.

A legislative committee passed sports betting rules in Iowa but delayed a part that would allow the state to collect winnings from debtors.

US.- The sports betting segment will kick off in Iowa next Thursday and regulations have been finally set. However, the legislative committee which approved them delayed a portion regarding winnings.

The Iowa Administrative Rules Review Committee decided to postpone a part directed at debtors. Such rules would allow the state to collect winnings of people who owe child support, back taxes or criminal debt. 

The sports betting segment in Iowa needed its final regulations, which the committee approved. Still, they approved a request by the state’s casinos to delay the mentioned winnings’ collection part.

The bill allowing sports betting in Iowa didn’t explain how casinos have to collect such debts. That’s why operators asked the committee to delay that section of the rules until lawmakers specify how to implement it.

Rules approval

The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC) gathered in July in West Des Moines to discuss and vote possible regulations for the upcoming sports betting industry. The IRGC approved the proposed rules and gambling facilities in the state are now eligible to launch sports betting on August 15.

The rules obtained unanimous approval by the IRGC. The sports betting licences for 18 of the 19 casinos in the state also received the green light.

Racing and Gaming Commission Administrator Brian Ohorilko said that the commission will meet the casinos in the next two weeks: “Those meetings are intended to work through every control that’s required in the rules to give feedback to the operators. [This is so] they know if they are okay in certain areas — or there are areas where they still need to go back and beef up.”

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