Sports betting legalisation to take time in Kentucky

With the session already in the books, Kentucky lawmakers are set to carefully assess how to regulate sports betting in the state.

US.- The Supreme Court’s ruling allowed sports betting to be legalised nationwide, and several states have already passed bills to regulate the segment. However, lawmakers in Kentucky failed to pass their own legislation before the session ended earlier this year and will take their time to assess the best way to do so.

“It is very unfortunate that we did not pass Senate Bill 22 to put in place regulations necessary to collect new revenue from sports wagering in Kentucky once the ban was lifted,” Sen. Julian Carroll – who introduced the bill – said. “We could have been in front of this issue had we acted in the last session.”

Lawmakers expect to hold further discussions between now and the 2019 legislative session in order to decide whether to pass the gambling expansion.

“I guess anything’s possible in the future… but it’s not really been on our radar,” said Rep. Steven Rudy. “Who knows what the makeup of the legislature will be with at least 20 new members.”

Many states around the country have already passed bills to expand gambling (Pennsylvania, West Virginia) while others, like California, New York or Massachusetts, are discussing the possibility.

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