Sports Betting Council blocks Israeli state

The Israel Council that is in charge of a sports betting app has blocked operations in Samaria.

Israel.- The Toto application of the Israel Sports Betting Council, subordinate to government ministries, is unavailable throughout Samaria. People who attempted to run the app encountered a message that told them that it wasn’t available outside of Israel.

“Dear customer, the Winner app is available only within the borders of the State of Israel,” said the message. However, it didn’t just happen in Samaria, as people who tried to use the app in the Shomron city of Ariel and other communities received the same message.

The chairman of the Shomron Regional Council Yossi Dagan, who said that he was surprised over this issue and promised to deal with the situation, said: “Someone here got confused. I call on the Culture Minister and Finance Minister to rectify this and immediately clarify to those who acted either knowingly or perhaps with an innocent mistake that one-third of the territory of the State of Israel can’t be removed. The days when we were stooges are over. The days when they could beat up the Shomron are over. We’ll monitor and verify that the matter has been addressed and corrected.”

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