Spain creates commission to fight match-fixing

The national commission will be in charge of developing action plans to prevent and fight match-fixing in Spain.

Spain.- The Ministry of the Presidency of Spain has revealed the approval of the creation of a national commission that will be in charge of fighting match-fixing and betting-related fraud in the country.

The Ministry said that the Commission will develop action plans, recommendations or diagnoses to detect, prevent and fight illegal actions in the sports competitions field and fraud in betting. The first task of the new commission will be to develop a new warning system developed by the Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ), which aims to be a communication point to prevent match-fixing and fraud.

The commission will feature members like Representatives of Spain’s local gambling regulator, the DGOJ, the Higher Sports Council, the National Police and the Civil Guard.

“Corruption linked to the manipulation of sports competitions and betting-related fraud are two of the greatest threats to sport and horse racing, as it undermines each sport’s core values and ruins the experience for fans and spectators,” the Ministry said.

“For this reason… the Government has considered it necessary to establish at the national level a formalised channel of dialogue and cooperation between public authorities, sports organisations, organisers of competitions sports and representatives of the gaming sector.”

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