South Dakota opposes gambling bill

South Dakota opposes gambling bill

A House committee from South Dakota opposed a measure that would’ve ended video lottery in the state.

US.- The House State Affairs Committee from South Dakota voted against House Bill 1250, which would’ve created a video lottery repeal and replacement fund. The bill would have also raised the state percentage of the video lottery to take from 50% to 55%.

According to Rapid City Journal, the 4% increase would’ve helped start the find, which would’ve provided enough money to help wean South Dakota off the proceeds from the video lottery in nine years.

“It just bugs me that we raise money off the addictions of people,” Rep. John Mills, sponsor of the bill, said. “We’re weaning the state off the revenue and building a pool of revenue.”

The state, likely to vote on sports betting

People in South Dakota are expected to be in charge of deciding if the state will have legalised sports betting or not. The state Senate passed a measure that allows voters to decide in November if they want sports betting in the state.

The measure is now headed to the House and is expected to gain support so the November ballot includes the question of whether to allow sports betting in Deadwood. It requires a change to the state constitution, which would also require passage in the general election. If the measure is approved, Native American tribes would also be eligible to offer sports betting at their casinos in the state.

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