South Australia announces crackdown on gambling

The local Senator Nick Xenophon had announced a “very unhappy” 2017 for the gaming industry.

Australia.- Licensed clubs and pubs which operate legal gambling machines will be also inquired by the South Australian government, according to the regional press. Last week, the South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon announced a “very unhappy” 2017 for the gaming industry due to stricter control.

Whilst the State Government will introduce several amendments for the current gambling law, officers will probe over the pokie and slots machines installed in clubs and pubs. South Australian casinos have been experiencing the government’s controls undertaken by former Supreme Court Justice Tim Anderson since earlier this month.

The decision may lead to further expansion of online gambling services and the deterioration of the industry, as Australian Hotels Association SA general manager Ian Horne said. “There are potential reforms in the gaming space that can work to strengthen the industry, while also improving responsible gaming outcomes,” stated Horne.

And he added: “Further inaction will only result in the further deterioration of the hotels and clubs industries (which is) a dangerous prospect at a time when our state cannot afford to forego any economic opportunity.”