Slot machine revenues rebound in Pennsylvania

After the down registered in the last two years, there was an increase of gamblers at the state’s 12 casinos .

US.- The state gaming control board informed that during 2015 the gross revenue in Pennsylvania was a total of US$2.36 billion, which marks a 1.99 percent increase. The numbers indicate the first increase since 2012 from slot machines.

The jump was attributed to an improving economy and lower gasoline prices. According to Richard McGarvey, a gaming board spokesman, the state’s 12 casinos had a role in the improvement. “The operators are doing a good job marketing themselves, keeping the customers they have and improving a little,” he explained.

In 2012 the gross slots revenue registered a 2.7 percent increase, but the numbers changed drastically in 2013 when they fell 3.5 percent and in 2014 the decline was 2.7 percent. The record on generated revenues remains at the US$2.4 billion collected in 2012. Nevertheless, 2015 had a significant rebound with a total gross revenue of US$2.36 billion.