Ruslan Bangert, head at Stretch Network: “We aim to become one of the largest online poker networks in the world within three years”

Ruslan Bangert, head at Stretch Network.
Ruslan Bangert, head at Stretch Network.

Stretch Network, a leading poker software provider in the industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ruslan Bangert as its new head. Mr Bangert sat down with Focus Gaming News and talked about the company’s future, his leadership style, strategic goals and many more.

Interview.- With over 15 years of experience in the poker industry, Ruslan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team. The company is eager to explore his insights and vision for the future of Stretch Network.

What was your initial feeling upon joining Stretch Network, and what excites you the most about this new role?

I am very excited to have joined the Stretch Network team! Having worked in the gaming industry for 15 years, I was well aware of this company’s activities, and as the new leader, I am impressed by the organizational structure. The team is relatively compact, with a small number of people doing enormous work.

They are true experts who are unafraid to tackle the most challenging tasks. The team’s passion for their work is very evident. Their work style aligns with mine, and I am confident that we will work well together. I can learn a lot from these people, especially since I came from the B2C segment, whereas Stretch Network operates in the B2B segment. Everyone is very responsive and kind, and I already feel very comfortable.

What is your leadership style, and how do you plan to apply it in guiding Stretch Network towards its goals?

I have held leadership positions in our industry for over 10 years and have changed my management style several times as times, traditions, and the habits of the people I work with evolve. When I join an established team as a newcomer, I try to adapt as much as possible to their workstyle and not disrupt it. This is primarily about respecting traditions and multicultural features.

Therefore, I would describe my management style as energetic and passionate. When I start working on something, it becomes my main challenge, and I want to win. My energy is enough for everyone, to help those who are a bit tired and to further motivate those who need more challenges. I work every second when I am not sleeping. Some in the team might find this uncomfortable. However, no one’s personal space will be disturbed. It might resemble a rock band.

Considering your extensive experience, what do you identify as the key strengths of Stretch Network that attracted you to this position?

The company has excellent technology, a stable financial position, complete trust from the founders, and their involvement in the process, which is a significant plus for my management style.

I really like it when the founder understands the industry and inspires the team with their ideas. The company has a great competitive spirit, and everyone is very success-driven, which is a strong point of the team. There are already hundreds of partners with whom we continue to develop our relationships and learn from their experiences in different regions and continents.

I am attracted by the challenge I have not faced before. I have always worked in the B2C segment and have prepared myself for many years to move into B2B and bring my experience into this segment. Stretch Network is a company with everything ahead of it, and it is flexible and capable of change, which, of course, attracts me as a new leader. I want to compete with the best, and Stretch Network has the potential for that.

“When I join an established team as a newcomer, I try to adapt as much as possible to their workstyle and not disrupt it.”

Ruslan Bangert, head at Stretch Network.

How do you envision the future of Stretch Network under your leadership, particularly in terms of innovation and market positioning?

For everyone who has worked in the online poker industry for more than 2-3 years, it is quite clear what needs to be done to achieve success. The difference between winners and losers is the diligence with which they do their work and the courage for innovation. Using football terminology, we see ourselves as a strong mid-table football club that has strengthened well during the off-season and is starting to compete for places in European competitions and maybe even for the championship in a few years.

We will transfer all our knowledge of audience interaction to Stretch Network to implement all new ideas in our online poker room network through our partners. We will also enhance our integration into the world of cryptocurrencies to support modern trends and help our partners discover a new audience. How exactly we will do this, I cannot tell you now. The industry will see it with its own eyes in the coming years.

What are the top strategic goals and opportunities you have set for Stretch Network in the short and long term?

Our key strategic goals are to improve our software and add all the essential gaming mechanics to the platform that are now indispensable. We have room for improvement in this direction, and the team is eager to achieve it. We have already conducted preliminary consultations with our developers, and they support my plan.

Another goal is to expand our network of partners, actively participate in industry exhibitions and conferences, and enter new markets. We aim to become one of the largest online poker networks in the world within three years.

“Stretch Network is a company with everything ahead of it, and it is flexible and capable of change, which, of course, attracts me as a new leader.”

Ruslan Bangert, head at Stretch Network.

In your opinion, what are the core challenges that Stretch Network may face, and how do you plan to address them?

The main challenge is undoubtedly technological development. As I said, all experienced managers in our industry know very well what needs to be done to succeed. The difference is how quickly you move or even run towards this result.

The world has accelerated greatly, and you no longer have the luxury of waking up at 10 AM and drinking coffee until 11. I wake up at 6 AM to be the first at the start and the last to leave. We must keep up with the pace of implementing new technologies that our competitors do. We understand very well who our competitors are. This is a real marathon, and I see that the Stretch Network team has the potential to reach the finish line with a very good result.

Looking ahead five years, where do you envision Stretch Network in terms of market presence, technology integration, and user engagement?

Stretch Network, in five years, is a dynamic company equipped with all the necessary advanced technologies and its own innovations.

Stretch Network ranks among the top 5 companies globally in terms of the number of active online poker players. It boasts a wide network of partners worldwide who receive quality service, predictability, planning, and, of course, benefits from working with Stretch Network. It is also a happy team of dedicated individuals, from A to Z, who have done colossal work and received genuine satisfaction and joy from it, like winning a long-awaited trophy!